Barn Hunt

Location: Frankenmuth River Place Field
Date: TBD 
Time: TBD

For More Information Contact: Zodiac Ranch or contact [email protected] or call Linda Lundstrom 248-202-0178.

Barn Hunt is an exciting new dog sport sanctioned by AKC and UKC where dogs use their vermin hunting instincts to search through a course of straw bales and signal their owner when a rat target is found. The rat is encased in a secure tube and is not harmed in any way. At Dog Bowl, your dog will get a chance to try an Intro to Barn Hunt to see if it is a sport they might enjoy. Your dog will first meet a rat in an open cage. Then we will see if your dog can tell you, the owner, which of three tubes contains the real rat. Your dog will also get a chance to practice going through straw tunnels, and climbing on straw bales.